New year, New me?

I suppose it’s a bit ironic that it’s taken a full-blown pandemic to cause me to stop and re-evaluate everything – that probably says more about how busy I was before rather than anything else. With NZ in lockdown, it’s a great time for us all to stop, think, and work out what we want to do over the next wee while.

Me? I want to look at where I got to at the end of the season for triathlon training & racing, and my professional life; then use it as a benchmark for some goals for next year. It’s going to be fairly honest (ok, maybe they will be approximations sometimes if I can’t find the exact number quickly enough when I’m writing this), so I can look back and compare it after a year’s time. This will only be season to season, so I’m not going to take ‘best ever’ times, just the peaks from the previous season. In future, I might compare season to season as well as best ever to gain a nice picture of how I’m progressing. So, here we go!

Triathlon milestones:

  • Weight: 68kg
  • Ftp: 250w
  • W/kg/hour: 3.68
  • Cda: .231
  • Vo2/max: 68
  • Best Olympic distance tri time: 2.04
    • 1500m swim split: 19.46
    • 40km bike split: 1.02
    • 10km run split: 37.44
    • Best overall finish: 2nd
    • Best AG finish: 1st
  • Best 70.3 distance tri time: 4.35
    • 1900 swim split: 24.56
    • 90km bike split: 2.28
    • 21km run split: 1.35
    • Best overall finish: 48th
    • Best AG finish: 5th
  • Best 2km swim time: 26.03
  • Best 5km run time: 17.14
  • Best 10km run time: 37.36
  • Best 21km run time: 1.18
  • Average training hours/week: 16.5
  • Number of races in season: 6
  • Number of races out of season: 7
  • Zwift level: 31
  • Favourite bike: Quintana Roo PR 4 Disc, Sram Etap (11 speed), NS Carbon wheels
  • Number of pairs of cycling shoes bought: 2
  • Number of pairs of running shoes bought: 7
  • Number of trisuits bought: 2
  • Favourite tri suit: Huub Anemoi
  • Favourite running shoes: Nike 4%
  • And my personal least favourite stat, number of injuries: 2 major, 4 minor

Professional milestones:

  • Moved onto a job with a much better team & culture
  • Will finish uni this year
  • Became director of a company; more importantly, helped the company to grow & reach it’s goals!

Personal milestones:

  • Invested more money than I have previously
  • Finally got around to getting a credit card
  • Started to think about some of ‘big life goals’ – where I might want to be 1, 2, or 5 years from now

In addition to this, I’ve also started working with Matt Ingram. I’m really excited to see how much he can help me to improve over the coming season!



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