All Work and no Play makes Chris a Dull boy!

Chris is not only a good all-round guy, combining family life with his hugely demanding job, but also a great athlete in his own right. I caught up with him to try and figure out how he fits it all in!

Your business, Waterman Consulting, is pretty successful. What was your inspiration for starting?

It came from wanting to advance my career but not having the required skills to step up a level. I’ve worked in product marketing for several years and wanted to progress into digital marketing. Unfortunately, I had no digital marketing experience behind me, so I thought “if no-one’s going to give it to me, I’ll get it myself.”

Luckily for me, I had friends starting small businesses at the same time. They needed help with marketing – so I started the business and began with small jobs, websites, social media, advertising etc. Through word of mouth, I picked up more clients and the business grew. I’m very proud to say that my foundation clients from back when I started, are still clients today.

How hard was it to become successful?

I suppose that depends on how you define success. For me, delivering on my promises and seeing my clients’ businesses prosper as a result of my work is a success. Seeing my business grow is also massive success for me!

It’s definitely been hard though. As a startup, I’ve still held down full-time work to pay the bills while the business was in it’s infancy. I come home from work and then hide in the office and work until I go to sleep. I work weekends and have sacrificed a lot to bring this business to life.

chriss photo

You’re a pretty successful sportsman as well. How do you find the time to combine family life, work, and training?

It’s a constant juggling act and I’m very lucky to be surrounded by incredible people who support me in these endeavours. With my sport, I focus on quality events over quantity of events – this helps free up some time. It makes it easier to focus on training and work, and makes it easier to settle into a work / training / life rhythm and maintain it! I’d recommend this approach to anyone struggling with their work-life-sport-other balance!

What’s the best work-life tip you’ve got for someone looking to get into triathlon?

Find the enjoyment factor in whatever you’re doing and always keep that front and centre. In life there’s always boxes that need to be ticked and often we forget to tick our own enjoyment box because too much other stuff gets in the way. Whatever is going on in work / life, always take time out to look after yourself. If that means going for a run or a ride, then do it. You’ll always feel better for it!

What’s the best tip you’ve got for someone looking to start triathlon (or any sport)?

Never stop learning. This doesn’t necessarily just apply to sport. There’s always something else to learn!

What’s the next big event for you?

I’ve entered the Taupo 70.3 Half Ironman in December this year. My goal is to pick up a spot for the 70.3 World Championships in Taupo in 2020.

Do you have any tips for dealing with injuries/stress/lack of sleep?

It’s so important to listen to your body. This is something that I didn’t get a firm grasp on until years after I started competing. If your body is hurting, or you’re tired / feeling sick – I believe it’s far more beneficial to take a day off to recover than to flog yourself through a lacklustre session ‘because you need to’!

Chris has recently decided to quit his regular 9-5 job to focus on Waterman Consulting full-time. I can only applaud such a courageous move and wish him the very best in his future success!

waterman consulting_cmyk_72ppi

A massive thank you goes out to Chris for taking the time out of his busy schedule in order to answer these questions. If you’re interested in digital marketing for yourself or your business, Chris is definitely the man to go to!


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