Welcome to my own ‘absolutely mad’ idea: I want to give it my best shot at becoming a professional long course triathlete. It’s an absolutely crazy idea to have – there are a lot of age groupers, but not many pros!

In the posts I write on here, I’ll be explaining how my training goes, giving some tips & little-known tricks for training and racing as a triathlete, and writing race blogs. Being just like every other triathlete out there I’m also a massive gear-head – so I’ll also be detailing what gear I use, why I use it & what I use it for!

Through this website, I hope to give an insight into elite-amateur racing (and hopefully the transition into professional racing) – both the highs and lows, because we all know that racing and training is never just all sunshine and daffodils! Success is something that occurs over time. It’s slow. In order to achieve any goal you have to be willing to put in that time!